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Citizens against Bankruptcy Fraud


The Dept of Justice has been Covering Up Organized Criminal acts of Paul Traub and Barry Gold for the sake of www.MNAT.com and their clients Bain(and its Presidential hopeful) along with Goldman Sachs.

Paul Traub was given illegal implied, blanket, immunity in 2005 after he confessed the he “planted” his paid associate (and partner) within eToys post-bankruptcy petition filing. Utilizing more than 17 false affidavits over several years to deliberately deceive the DE Federal Court.

A felony violation group accomplished even after the DE DOJ UST office warned him against committing the very crimes he committed in a clandestine, conspirate manner.

The DOJ unseemly manuevers since the smoking gun was provided includes (but not limited to)

Region 3 Trustee DeAngelis replaced Dec 22, 2004 (here) (the very day of our Emergency hearing to address the issues of Perjury/Fraud)

Motion to Disgorge Traub for $1.6 million Feb 15, 2005 (here) (please see parts 19 & 35 – where Asst US Trustee Perch testified he “forewarned” the parties not to do the very violation schemed)

The Disgorge Motion only addressed 3 of the now known 100 felony violations – Yet – less than 10 days later the DE Dept of Justice Trial Attorney gave Paul Traub’s firm the illicit promise of DOJ willful blindness and impunity (here) (see WHEREAS clauses)

Paul Traub had confessed that he paid Barry Gold 4 payments of $30,000 each prior to planting him furtively within eToys (see Transcript pages 60 thru 69 (here))

Traub and MNAT immediately commit another $100 million in fraud in the Kay Bee Toys Bankruptcy case and the same DE DOJ Trial Attorney has the DE Federal Court Strike & Expunge the proof of perjury/fraud (here) – (the evidence expunged included an affidavit by the former Chairman of the eToys Creditors – a smoking gun that would destroy DE Bankruptcy Rings)

We reported the continuous criminal violations to other DOJ personnel such as the OIG, OPR, OSC, Public Integrity Section, SEC, FBI, OGE and even Pres Bush Corp Fraud Task Force. Where we were instructed to speak to the Executive Office of United States Trustee’s and the local US Attorney.

Deputy Director of the EOUST, Lawrence Friedman had emailed us personnally that the issues would be resolved as he replaced the Region 3 DeAngelis and Asst US Trustee Frank Perch did the Motion to Disgorge.

Upon receiving the news of the additional $100 million in fraud Director Friedman Resigned (here)

Traub and Susan Balaschak of his firm had threatened us to “Back Off” or not only would we not get paid, my career would be harmed and additional attacks would transpire. He felt so brazen – our own attorney (Henry Heiman actually was dumb enough to email us the Threat).

Then our $3.7 million dollar claim was handed over to a new judge – (RB) who summarily rescheduled our claims hearing, then had our attorneys withdraw – threatened me to stop reporting the fraud and then dismissed me with prejudice.

Judge Baxter was rewarded for his complicity and became Chief Justice in Ohio after he accepted facts (ex parte) implying we were truck drivers and security guards who were over paid and dismissed us with prejudice.

One of the evidence pieces his honor Baxter accepted was a document from Barry Gold, Paul Traub and MNAT where they told the Court we simply waived our $3.7 million in fees and expenses (please hold chuckles to a minimum – for there is more)

If you are going to forge a document stating it is a Waiver – should it not say what you want it to? As you can see by the pleading – items 10 and 11 clearly define that we can get paid our Success Fees – so how is that a Waiver? (see Haas Affidavit (here))

We appealed the issues and the DE Bankrutpcy Chief Justice headed off our appeal with an Opinion that stated – despite confessions to 34 false affidavits – that no perjury was documented as judge MFW gave her approval to the illegal immunity (see Opinion (here)) ( you will note that Judge MFW states extra-ordinary circumstances exists and that Fraud on the Court is the most serious violation – only to summarily toss out here own words in an arbitrary & capricious “color of law” manner)

The Appeals courts (with Senior Justice 3rd Cir Walter K Stapleton) stipulated that the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure do not apply to these cases. Utilizing the fraudulent Haas Affidavit – the 3rd Cir stated that Haas therefore did not have standing as a “person aggrieved” (this dispite the fact that Haas is Indemnified by the Court approved Order from Traub and MNAT’s willful misconduct and gross negligence) (see (here))

Laser Haas then discovers that the local US Attorney (Colm Connolly) clerked for Judge Stapleton – and Laser asks on the Townhall blog if US Trustee Region 3 Kelly B Stapleton is related.

Kelly B Stapleton Resigns and it is learned that DE US Attorney Colm Connolly was a partner with www.MNAT.com in 2001 (the very year the fraud and perjury began)

Laser reported the fact that the GC of the EOUST was speciously the Removed Region 3 Trustee DeAngelis and the US Attorney in DE, with DeAngelis- was declining to investigate and prosecute their connected parties (see time stamped copy complaint (here)).

A copy of Colm Connolly’s resume (here) was provided to the central CA US Attorney’s office

This results in the central CA US Attorney (O”Brien) actually shutting down the Public Corruption Unit of the DOJ – where he also purportedly Threatens career Asst US Attorney’s to keep their mouths shut (see Los Angeles Times Story “Shake-up roils federal prosecutors” (here))

Since then Paul Traub’s associate parties

(Adelphia) owners get 20 years in prison

OKUN 1031 Tax Group owner gets 100 years in Prison

his legal partner Marc Dreier pleads guilty and gets 20 years in MN Prison

while his other partner Tom Petters is now on trial for $3 billion scheme, where one related party already committed suicide and several of Petters cronies have already plead guilty.

How much of that $5 billion dollar carnage – would have been prevented – had the DE DOJ not given Paul Traub the illegitimate immunity?

Traub, Barry Gold and MNAT continue to have the keys to the vault they are fleecing where www.MNAT.com – Goldman Sachs attorney, supplied their criminal cohorts Traub and Barry Gold to handle the NY Supreme Court case of eToys (ebc1) vs Goldman Sachs – for the item of the IPO of eToys going for $78 and eToys only receiving $16.50.

One of the 1st Orders www.MNAT.com received was the Courts approval to Destroy Books n Records (here)

And the NY Supreme Court case where Traub’s co-counsel also negotiated Barry Gold’s Director & Officers insurance –

that NY Supreme Court case ( 601805/2002) has protection as well – the Judge who went after Paul Traub for falsehoods was promoted off the case

Traub knows we caught him by false pleadings that directly contradicted one another – so the NY Supreme Ct case has nearly 1/2 the docket Under SEAL

And the central CA US Attorney told the press that he shut down the Public Corruption Unit to make the DOJ more efficient in Public corruption cases (told you there was more chuckles)

and – Roberta DeAngelis was secretly made the GC of the EOUST after Director Friedman and Asst US Trustee Perch resigned.

Now she is back in as Region 3 Trustee – still protecting here own case from investigation (see DOJ press release that only transpired after we reported the hidden items (here))

The US Trustee’s press release has basically shut down after Petters and Marc Dreier were arrested in fall 2008 (see US Trustee press releases (here))

Barry Gold, Paul Traub and www.MNAT.com all work for Bain and Goldman Sach related issues that make illegal profits through Organized crimes in the DE Bankruptcy Court.

Bain was owned/managed by Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney – whom Traub met back in NeoStar bankruptcy decades ago.

www.MNAT.com represents Bain in the $100 million dollar fraud of KB Toys bankruptcy where Traub petitioned the DE Federal Court to be the one to prosecute the matter.

Sort of like Frank Nitti being asked to prosecute Capone!

Mitt told the press he was only worth $250 million and we pointed out to the WSJ that he had more than $1 billion Off shore in Bermuda.

So Mitt’s campaign finance form stated he had money in a “Blind Trust” since 2003

Yeah well

VP Biden was picked to hope to protect DE from being investigated

Problem is – if he gets caught doing so – it either will be the end of President Obama’s relection bid

or the impeachment of Biden

Where Biden did show some political smarts as he refused to confirm the Nomination of USA Connolly to the Federal Bench.

Time will tell – who is going to face hell

Paul Traub and MNAT should be sacrificed now

despite the fact that Traub Bonacquist & Fox (TBF) Harold Bonacquist is listed as to be contacted at the US Embassy or Consulate General in the Philippines to make an appointment with him in Istanbul

He is the floating file attorney for Traub and Turkey is a non extradict

Should not matter though – for the files cannot save them from the 100 felony violations already within the Public Docket Record

Will Pres Obama and AG Holder investigate or become part of?

Only time will tell



Citizens against Bankruptcy Fraud 



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