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Romney’s Bain & Goldman Sachs attorneys Traub & MNAT Conspired and Colluded to commit IPO/ Bankruptcy Fraud eToys


PoliticusUSA.com release November 2, 2012

Mitt Romney Benefited from Fraud, Corruption and Racketeering



NOTE: There’s NO statute of limitations on Bankruptcy Fraud

until 5 years – AFTER the case closes.

Additionally, if the fraud is by a court approved Officer of the Court

– there’s NO Statute of Limitations PERIOD (In re Hazel Atlas Glass – US Sup Ct 1944)

More Proof Emerges – Romney Campaign Lying About Leaving Bain in 1999




Mitt Romney Direct Connections to Fraudsters

NOTE  ————to ALL FEDERAL AGENTS – JUDGES – SEC and people honorable.


I, Steven Haas (more commonly known as Laser Haas)


This, the 11th day of April  2012

REAFFIRMED this, the 15th day of May 2012

do state and affirm the items here to be True and Correct that


Mitt Romney is benefitting from federal fraud Continuously.


Romney was “still” CEO of Bain until August 2001

Bain with their cohorts Goldman Sachs, Paul Traub,

Barry Gold and www.MNAT.com law firm

CONSPIRED & COLLUDED to DeFraud a Public company (eToys)

 and commit State, SEC & Federal Frauds thru massive Bankruptcy Frauds

in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

And the PROOF Is Overwhelming & Profuse via Public Docket Records

Through Collusion, Conspiracy and Perjury Bain Capital, with the assistance of its counsel Greg Werkheiser of MNAT and Paul Traub – stole the federal bankruptcy estate assets of eToys in 2001. Due to Smoking Gun evidence discovered by this Affidavint party – Both MNAT and Paul Traubundisclosed” relationships with Goldman Sachs and Barry Gold were reported.

Since that time – MNAT has confessed to its failure to disclose the Goldman Sachs relationship and Paul Traub has confessed his secret partnership with post bankruptcy petition President & CEO of eToys (Barry Gold). In 2001 and 2002, deals were made with Bain Capital and Kay Bee Toys to give away the assets to them – basically for free.

However, MNAT and Paul Traub, despite an Order of October 4, 2005, by Chief Bankruptcy Justice Mary F Walrath – to disclose all other relationships; the parties have failed to mention their connections to Bain Capital and Kay Bee Toys. This Collusion and Conspiracy is accomplished by Perjury.

Compounding these issues are Department of Justice items of corruption – where the United States Attorney in Delaware, from 2001 to 2008 – refused for those 7 years – to investigate or prosecute the parties. Even after they had admitted to “Intentional” fraud on the court. This is because the United States Attorney in Delaware was Colm Connolly. USA Connolly also had his own conflict of interest – he failed to inform us (while refusing to prosecute the parties) – that Colm Connolly was a partner at MNAT in 2001. The very year the crime spree began.

Colm Connolly partner at MNAT law firm


Colm Connolly’s Resume at the Department of Justice Archived Website http://www.justice.gov/archive/olp/colmconnollyresume.htm


Bain now owns Toys R Us that illegally owns the stolen property of eToys

Toys R Us is in possession of the stolen property of eToys estate


Morris Nichols Arsht & Tunnel (“MNAT”) did confess to failure to disclose the fact that it was Goldman Sachs Delaware counsel – when the court approved MNAT as eToys Debtor’s counsel. In accordance with the LAW and the US Supreme Court adoption of the case of In re Middleton Arms 19 F.3d 138 USLW 2638, 25 Bankr. Ct.Dec. 618, Bankr. L. Rep. P 75,763 (as adopted by the 3rd Circuit case of US Trustee v Price Waterhouse ( here ). Failure to disclose ANY conflict of interest – must result in disqualification.As the Third Circuit denoted in US Trustee v Price Waterhouse;

“As the Supreme Court and our court have repeated many times in recent years, when statutory language is clear and unambiguous it ordinarily must be followed. See, e.g., Rake v. Wade, — U.S. —-, —-, 113 S.Ct. 2187, 2191, 124 L.Ed.2d 424 (1993); Patterson v. Shumate, — U.S. —-, —- – —-, 112 S.Ct. 2242, 2246-47, 119 L.Ed.2d 519 (1992); Prisco v. Talty, 993 F.2d 21, 24 (3d Cir.1993); Virgin Islands v. Knight, 989 F.2d 619, 633 (3d Cir.), cert. denied, — U.S. —-, 114 S.Ct. 556, 126 L.Ed.2d 457 (1993). Here, the relevant statutory provisions are clear and unambiguous”

But the Delaware Department of Justice and Federal Court’s are damnation bent to break all Laws and Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, destroying the Public’s faith in the integrity of the Judicial Process.

For the sake of cronyism, tyranny and corruption to protect MNAT and its clients.

As a result – the Dept of Justice rogue elements have broken the Law so profusely and docket record substantiated overwhelmingly – that MNAT’s secret clients Goldman Sachs and BAIN are getting away with organized crime.

eToys bankruptcy assets were sold to MNAT’s secret client BAIN/ KB Toys for discounts in the tens of millions of dollars. This is Collusion to Defraud an Estate by Officers of the Court.

The US Supreme Court and the Third Circuit, along with the eToys Judge’s Opinion and US Trustee’s Motion to Disgorge Traub Bonacquist & Fox – all have denoted the case of In re Hazel Atlas Glass v Hartford-Empire 322 U.S. 238 (1944) states (here) – that;

“(a) Even if Hazel [HAAS] failed to exercise due diligence to uncover the fraud, relief may not be denied on that ground alone, since public interests are involved”.

As the 3rd Circuit has affirmed and both the Delaware Bankruptcy Court and US Trustee denoted the case – it is therefore beyond contestation. Therefore, it remains inexplicable and intolerable – that our public servants are basically permitting the bank robbers to seize the bank – keep the deposits and maintain the teller windows to continue their larcenies.

Resultantly – through a series of Bankruptcy Fraud cases (eToys 01-706) – (KB Toys 04-10120) and other cases of In re Playco, the Parent Company, FAO Schwartz and even KB Toys again – MNAT”s client BAIN now owns the control of most of the independent retail toy industry.

All of that has been merged into BAIN’s new ownership of Toys R Us
(see WikiPedia history ( here ).

BAIN’s – Toys R Us is in possession of stolen property = eToys.

As per the rules of equitable justice – where a thief cannot keep the car he stole – BAIN’s Toys R Us cannot keep the stolen property from the eToys public company. Especially since it was procured by Fraud as MNAT, eToys CEO and Confirmed Plan Administrator Barry Gold and Paul Traub of Traub Bonacquist & Fox = all have UN-disclosed connections to BAIN/KB.

The stolen property must be returned or compensated for – to a clear independent.

They cannot simply put in another crony and say they settled the issue!

Dept of Justice's very own criminal lord!

Organized Criminal Mastermind

Toys R Us possess stolen property eToys

You can see additional facts on the massive frauds – how Paul Traub was given illegal immunity and then his partner Marc Dreier went to jail for 20 years – Tom Petters went to jail for 50 years – Traub’s other secret associates Cerberus was a feeder fund for Madoff who rec’d 100 years plus and did OKUN’s from OKUN 1031 Tax Group – (where Traub and his ex partner Michael Fox worked both sides of the fence) – OKUN also rec’d 100 years in Prison.

See links to this and more at www.Petters-Fraud.com

Because – what do you think Paul Traub gets for being partners to all these crimes



UPDATE Aug 31, 2011

WARNING – there are rogue elements within the Dept of Justice – seeking to subvert the Constitution of the United States for veiled agendas sake – contrary to Congressional Law!  During his tenure at the Delaware Department of Justice, US Attorney Colm Connolly’s office repeatedly declined to investigate and prosecute the MNAT law firm.


MNAT had made many confessions to perpetration of intentional deception of the Delaware Federal Bankruptcy Court by the MNAT law firm.

HOWEVER – a serious Conflict of Interest Ethics violations was committed.

Colm Connolly failed to disclose the fact that he was a partner at the MNAT law firm in 2001 – the very year the MNAT perpetrated many civil & criminal code violations – including Perjury, Collusion, Scheme to Fix Fees, SEC violations, Intimidation of Victim/Witnesses, Conspiracy, False Oaths/Declarations, Perjury and Racketeering violate of California, New York and Delaware state/ federal cases.

Please see Colm Connolly’s Resume from the Department of Justice


An Organized Criminal element maintains control over the  Federal Bankruptcy Courts are the rogue parties within the DOJ US Trustee’s Office.

There are only 21 Police – the US Trustee’s –

in charge of all 1.5 million on average bankruptcy filings each year.

But there are 338 Bankruptcy Judges (here)

More than 100 felony violations occurred with confessions to 34 false affidavits (Perjury) that accomplished admitted premeditated Fraud on the Court.

Granting the criminals willful blindness allowed Marc Dreier, Tom Petters, Larry Reynolds and others to accomplish an additional $ 4 Billion dollars in fraud.

Cover UPs of MNAT & their clients

Goldman Sachs & Bain Organized Crimes


Currently the present US Trustee’s Office is

THE Most sophisticated group of white collar criminal activity in the United States.

Our tax paid Police – the 21 US Trustee’s handle over $500 Billion dollars annually.

There is no other arm of the Dept of Justice that handles so much money with absolutely no oversight whatsoever!


When the MNAT law firm and the Traub Bonacquist & Fox law firm Confessed to supplication of more than 34 False Affidavits and Deliberately deceiving the Court – the DE Dept of Justice Trial Attorney – Mark Kenney – gave Traub’s firm a Stipulation to Settle that granted Paul Traub’s firm UNlawful, implied, blanket, immunity and the promise of the DE DEpt of Justice US Trustee’s office (the Police of the Bankruptcy Court) gift to Traub of future willful blindness by the US Trustee’s office.


You must scroll down the PDF to the WHEREAS clauses proffered by the Dept of Justice Trial Attorney.

UPDATE  Dec 19 2008

Some day soon, the DE US Attorney, Colm F Connolly, will have to explain why he declined to investigate or prosecute his former firm (MNAT) and partners for their participation into the $300 million dollar fraud in eToys and the 34 acts of perjury (MNAT confessed to supplication of 15 false affidavits to the Federal Court in DE).

Then again, maybe not – who knows how deep the corruption goes.

The one thing we do know for sure, documented by the Court Docket record of eToys docket item 2201 – is that instead of prosecuting the TBF law firm for confessing to deliberately deceiving the court through more than 17 false affidavits – the Dept of Injustice gave the TBF law firm Unlawful, implied, blanket, immunity.

Then Traub committed another $100 million fraud endeavor in the KB Toys case and the DE DOJ obstructed justice by having the evidence striken and expunged (See KB Toys bankruptcy DE 04-10120 docket item 2228 therein)

Since then, Paul Traub’s two other partners have been accused, arrested and are being held without bail for more than $2.3 billion in fraud. Tom Petters for $2 Billion, Marc Dreier for $300 million ( a separate $300 million from eToys)


What are the odds, had the Federal authorities investigated and prosecuted Traub in the beginning, that Dreier and Petters would not have reached to the level of criminality they are documented to have accomplished?

We may never know!

The Law firm of Morris Nichols Arsht & Tunnel (MNAT) has confessed to filing multiple, false, Rule 2014 and Rule 2016 affidavits, in order to be paid millions in fees in the eToys case.

.MNAT was the Court approved counsel for the Debtor of eToys.  Traub Bonacquist & Fox (TBF) was the court approved counsel for the creditors of eToys.

Barry Gold was the “wind down coordinator” , then President, CEO and now Plan Administrator of eToys.

.The Law firm of TBF also confessed to filing multiple, false, affidavits to the federal court in eToys.

Today we focus on the issue that has gained national attention recently, as can be seen at the WSJ Law Blog here

Where the Wall Street Journal noted that the Wilmington Journal had begun to review the serious issue that Congress is intent upon looking into Delaware Courts bias decisions that disfavor the public shareholders and bless Executive or inner circle elite.  ( to see the Wilmington Journal article here  )

What is at stake is Delaware’s dominance of corporation filings that has blossomed into a Delaware bankruptcy Courts and attorney bonanza at the expense of the public at large by rulings contrary to Congressional mandates and common decency.

It was not my desire to be at odds with rogue personnel within the Dept of Justice. (at least we hope they are a rogue element and not the norm).  Nor was it my desire to pick upon powerful, esteemed elites of MNAT, TBF or US Attorney Colm F Connolly.

To the contrary, my desire is that this all go away with proper remedy.

I did not seek their incarceration or demise, however, they cannot steal from a company I was sworn to protect, whether they take away my right to be paid or not, the fiduciary duty Remains!

It is their arrogance and belief that they are Above the Law, that shall either assure their success in the criminality or assure their demise.

However, they, MNAT, TBF, Barry Gold and the rogue personnel within the Justice Dept, choose little ole me (actually I am a big person :0)  ) as the enemy worthy of their disdain and efforts for destruction.

My own attorney, Henry Heiman, a former Trustee in Delaware, after I had been offered inducements, warnings and more, where Heiman, feeling no worries, due to the “good ole boys” network in Delaware, Heiman emailed me a threat from Susan Balaschak of TBF.  That if I did not back off, not only would HAAS and CLI not be paid, my career would end and they would come after me.

My response was to blow the whistle.  While many said I should have found a way to take the $800,000 bribe and adapt my views.  Be the silly person I am, I reported the bribes and threats to the Dept of Justice.

This blowing the whistle, initially, resulted in confessions.  TBF and MNAT confessed to filing multiple, false, affidavits to the Courts. (more than 35, to be exact).

TBF confessed that Barry Gold was his paid associate, that TBF had paid Barry Gold four (4) separate payments of $30,000 each.

TBF, MNAT and Barry Gold also confessed that they drafted a Barry Gold Hiring Letter.

The Hiring Letter contains language that rewards Barry Gold if he does not apply to the Bankruptcy Court for persmission to be hired.

The reason the parties drafted the clandestine Hiring Letter (the letter remained hidden until Jan 25 2005 even though it was signed in June 2001) where MNAT, TBF  were warned by the US Trustee’s office not to violate Section 327(a) of the Bankruptcy Code. (the US Trustee testified to this in the Motion to Disgorge TBF for $1.6 million on Feb 15, 2005, eToys docket item 2195) as they were warned not to do a crime, the only chance they had, to get away with crimes, that were already ongoing, was to seize control of the entire estate.  The Hiring Letter would have guaranteed their success, if they had not chosen to stiff HAAS and CLI just because they had the power to do so.

The issue at hand for Delaware Courts, MNAT and the US Attorney, Colm F Connolly. Is that, despite the confessions, the Disgorge Motion and Stipulation to Settle, never, Ever, mentions MNAT. This testifies, as prima facie evidence, being an actus reus act in and of its own existence, to the very fact that MNAT is enjoying a spirit of no prosecution.

The Stipulation to Settle is an ILLEGAL document,

where the Dept of Justice in Delaware, apparently in an effort to protect MNAT, has given TBF improper, Illegal, permission to Circumvent the Code. This implies that willful circumvention of a Code or Rule, a crime in any sense of the word, has become systemic in Delaware.

The exact words in the Stipulation to Settle, flagrantly defy the Code/Rule of Law and the Dept of Justice’s fiduciary duty to the public and the courts.

WHEREAS The United States Trustee shall not seek to compel TBF to make additional disclosures

Every counsel in the world can tell you they would LOVE for such a clause to be legal. In essence that clause and setting the precedent that such is permitted, single handedly, wipes out the statutes and intent of Congress.

We do not have to prove anything else in this case, that clause, documents, by the Dept of Justice own signature, the intent to willfully circumvent the Code.

In re Middleton Arms Ltd Partnership  934 F.2d 723 (6th Cir 1991) has been affirmed by the US Supreme Ct and the 3rd Circuit.  “courts cannot disregared the clear and “unambiguous” mandate of Section 327(a)”.

When any non disclosure of conflict of interest is discovered, after the fact, the Courts must disqualify.  Not is not even within the authority of a Federal Justice to Circumvent the Law.  Because that is called, in any public citizens realm, Breaking the LAW!

Bonds, Martha and Clemens are citizens who made a false statement and all are paying through the nose for such self protection efforts.

MNAT, TBF, Barry Gold, Colm Connolly, Mark Kenney, Roberta DeAngelis, Kelly B Stapleton, Andrew Vara and anyone else in this case are “officers of the court” and thereby are held to a higher standard.   They are given their esteemed levels of trust and above average pay days, due to the fact that they are required and swear an oath to be of the highest integrity.

When they violate that level of trust, the crimes or heinousness of the highest kind. Again, it is their arrogance and Abuse of power that is the testimony of their character.  I am just the messenger.

Now Colm F Connolly is nominated to be a Delaware District Court Judge. Where Connolly’s resume became public information. By revealing that Colm F Connolly was a partner at MNAT in 2001, many ethical questions are automatically obvious.

Why has Colm F Connolly’s office refused to investigate MNAT?

Why has Colm F Connolly failed to refer the MNAT matter to the Public Integrity Section as is required by Dept of Justice protocol when the US Attorney has any connection, whatsoever, to an issue?

Did Colm F Connolly assign a case number to the issue, as the protocol of the Dept of Justice mandates, when more than one hour of time is expended on an issue?

MNAT, TBF and Barry Gold are utilizing the Stipulation to Settle permission to circumvent the law to keep quiet about the MOST important issue. Barry Gold, TBF and MNAT all have “undisclosed” connections to Bain/KB Toys.

MNAT, TBF and Barry Gold all negotiated the sale of most of eToys assets to Bain/KB.  This is Collusion to Defraud an estate.

It breaches their fiduciary duties to their respective clients, it breaches their Oaths, Declarations and Affidavits to the Court and violates Model Rules of Condcut, SarOx, SEC Regulations, Delaware State Corporate Law and many other platforms.

It is THE most serious betrayal of trust that can occur.  For MNAT, TBF and Barry Gold “sold out their client for their own benefit”.

Colm F Connolly, Mark Kenney, Roberta DeAngelis, Kelly Stapleton, Andrew Vara and everyone else knows the LAW and their fiduciary duties are to the public and the Constitution.

We do not have to prove the benefit that the Dept of Justice personnel received in their efforts of nolle prosequi (refusal to prosecute).

The failure to prosecute obvious criminal acts and the overt manner that the Justice Dept has engaged upon, in order to defend the criminality and punish this whistle blower, speaks for itself.

It is plain dumb, to continue this charade any further. It is obvious that they have reached the end of their power center. If they desire to mitigate their own demise, it would be wise to effort a honorable remedy now, to demonstrate good faith.

All their calls to the WSJ to shut down my statements had to send a message that things are heating up.

Senator Biden was informed of this stuff for years. He is at risk also.

They are the ones who choose to go all or nothing, when they already had it all, they could have given back a little, to everyone and made this issue go away.

Instead, they used their power and influence with the Dept of Justice and the Delaware Courts, going TOO FAR!

They have stolen a public company and even if you toss out Bankruptcy Code and Rules, by Delaware’s own Corporate Laws, the sale of eToys.com assets is rescindable, as it fails the “bona fide” requisite.

The push, the hard push, to make Colm Connolly a Judge, is that he then, cannot be removed, unless he is impeached.

If Delaware wants cronyism as the main character trait within its Systems, it will get what it asks for!

However, the fact remains is that this is multiple cases, multiple years, multiple parties, multiple states, involving hundreds of millions of dollars. All being done contrary to the Law.

If this was a powder substance instead of the stroke of a pen, it is obviously Racketeering.  Because they are doing such by abuse of power and you have yet to see a body in the streets, some are inclined to permit the leniency.

It is obvious however, that those that desire leniency are not the ones who lost their money in eToys.

When the RICO efforts involve those the country pays salaries of $100,000 or more per year, to defend us from racketeers, then you do not have the law, you have anarchy and cronyism.

It is now March 2011,

Goldman Sachs and their attorneys continue open defiance of the Constitution/Law on a regular basis. Enjoying a massive Cover Up by rogue elements within our federal systems of justice – including  a US Attorney who buried the investigation/prosecution – because he used to be a partner of Goldman Sachs DE counsel’s firm (Please see US Attorney Colm Connolly’s resume with www.MNAT.com ( here )). Stating the following;

1999 – 2001 – Morris, Nichols, Arsht & Tunnell LLP  – Partner
2001 – present (2008) – United States Attorney’s Office  – District of Delaware

Plain to see is the fact that a partner of Morris Nichols, Arsht & Tunnell (MNAT) was Colm Connolly; till the latter part of 2001. The fact of the matter remains, eToys filed for bankruptcy March 7, 2001; and the fraudulent affidavits and Obstruction of Justice crimes began on (or before) that date. As a matter of jurisprudence, when Colm Connolly became the Delaware US Attorney; he was required to either give the case to the Public Integrity Section and/or appoint and independent Special Prosecutor.

The elaborate conspiracy, as well as the blatant/flagrant, extensive efforts to sweep the case under the rug and the fact that the skullduggery has crossed many state lines, over several years, in multiple cases – demonstrates clear evidence of Racketeering by the parties involved.

Stating that a law firm has an “undisclosed” relationship and/or “conflict of interest”; remains a decorum effort within the federal court system to diffuse the egregiousness and heinousness of the nefarious dealings to a vernacular soft play on words. The fact of the matter remains, Goldman Sachs is benefiting from Collusion & Conspiracy to Defraud a client (eToys); which they took IPO. Doing so by breaking the Law whenever it suits them.

In this case, Goldman Sachs attorney’s are benefiting more than 2 “un-disclosed” clients. Goldman Sachs law firm was caught by us red-handed. With more than 15 affirmatively false affidavits (Rule 2014/2016); over a period of several years. So they simply confessed ( see Deposition of MNAT ( here )).  Beyond the classic “pump-n-dump” IPO scheme; www.MNAT.com also secretly represents Mattel and BAIN (see SEC MNAT disclosure ( Here ) and MNAT defending BAIN in another fraud in excess of $100 million; which the DE Dept of Justice swept under the rug successfully petitioning ( here ) the court to Strike & Expunge our evidences ( here ).

Inexplicably, despite the confessions by MNAT attorneys; the DE US Trustee has never addressed the www.MNAT.com Fraud on the Court via 15 acts of Perjury. Actually defying their Oath to protection the Constitution from enemies both foreign and Domestic; the DE Dept of Justice put in a 3rd Cir brief that gives egregious evidence of collusion to that high court as well. As if it had to walk upon cow tow’d grounds before the Kings; the US Trustee (including the General Counsel from Wash DC) put in a statement to the Cir Ct stating the US Trustee did not and will not address MNAT issues (see US Trustee brief 1st footnote ( here )). The Third Circuit helped the schemes by concluding in its Opinion that the FRAP (Fed R App Proc) do NOT apply to this case. WOW

Compounding the organized criminal acts beyond compare, instead of protecting their client (eToys); MNAT chose to defend their cohorts and perpetrators of Fraud on the Court by Perjury (Paul Traub and Barry Gold). Defending them at every corner.

MNAT’s organized criminal efforts are massive, relentless and always endeavoring to set case precedents appalling. While remaining in defiance of the Bankruptcy Code & Rules, submitting false affidavits profuse; MNAT requested and received permission to Destroy Books n Records (see Exhibit ( here )).

The effort to Obstruct Justice by the Destruction of Books n Records is a crime because MNAT was destroying evidence that could have cost their client Goldman Sachs hundreds of millions of dollars (and quite possibly billions as a precedent). In 2002 eToys (ebc1) sued Goldman Sachs in the NY Supreme Ct (case # 601805/2002) ( here ). What is the crux of the case is the issue that eToys was paid $16.50 of the original IPO price of $18 to $20. The stock soared to as high as $85; with the question unanswered – Where did the rest of the monies go? The gaining permission to DESTROY the relevant records gained an unjust enrichment advantage for Goldman Sachs.

Making matters beyond morose; Goldman Sachs attorney actually had the unmitigated gall to get the DE Fed Ct’s permission to hand pick the firm/attorney to prosecute Goldman Sachs. This mockery of justice was made even more heinous and egregious due to the fact that MNAT selected their cohorts in Fraud on the Court by Perjury (Paul Traub). Traub’s firm also secretly works for Goldman Sachs and Bain interest.

Those crimes fight for top billing with the real tragedies. Both MNAT and Traub Bonacquist & Fox, pretending that they were diametrically opposed; petitioned the court to reject any counsel for the eToys shareholders. This crime effort has been successful as Traub and MNAT’s other secret client (Bain) acquired the bulk of eToys billion dollar company for pennies on the dollar. A crime compounded even further because this whistle-blower rejected their bribery and informed the US Trustee’s office. Everyone told us that there were no crimes; but the US Dept of Justice EOUST website informed us differently. So we fought them at every corner and stopped their plans to buy eToys for $3.5 million; getting more than $45 million in cash back into the bankruptcy estate.

Paul Traub and MNAT defeated that good faith effort also. Taking Fraud on the Court to a whole new level; the nefarious parties simply purchased all the creditors claims. Again without disclosing their connections (Bain/Stage Stores/Liquidity Solutions). To assure the schemes success, Paul Traub and MNAT placed in a secret partner of Paul Traub as eToys CEO. They drafted a clandestine Hiring Letter ( here ) that gave Barry Gold illegal permission to ignore the requisite to apply to the Court.

To cement that particular part of the scheme, Barry Gold was also named as Confirmed Plan Administrator; where he actually signed an Oath/Declaration perpetrating his own humungous Fraud on the Court by stating;

the Plan was confirmed by – extensive arm’s length agreements between Debtor (BArry Gold) and Creditors (his partner Paul Traub)

Then they furthered their criminality by getting the court to sign an Order that Barry Gold did not have to receive the Court’s permission to pay any creditors issues below $1 million dollars. The only permission Barry Gold needed was the Creditors (his partner Paul Traub).

When we overwhelmed the DE Dept of Justice with proofs of these crimes and additional crimes such as the Bain/KB Toys case (DE Bankr. 04-10120); the Deputy Director of the Dept of Justice Resigned ( Here ).

All of this was reported to the Dept of Justice Public Corruption and President Corp Fraud Task Force Units clear across the country. Instead of investigating and prosecuting them; the Public Corruption Unit was shut down and career Asst US Attorneys were threatened to keep their mouths shut or Else.

See Los Angeles Times story “Shake-up roils federal prosecutors”  ( here )

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