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Petters Fights to Shorten Sentence

See on Scoop.itRacketeering Romney Goldman Sachs n Bain Capital eToys Fraud

More than three years after receiving a 50-year sentence, convicted Ponzi scheme-operator Tom Petters is looking to cut his stay in prison.

Laser Haas‘s insight:

Tom Petters knows that Paul Traub is Romney’s buddy. Petters is also aware that Marty Lackner was partners in the Ponzi scheme and that J. Lackner (the Minnesota Assistant U.S. Attorney former head of the criminal division) – is Marty’s brother. 


Combine those issues with the fact that Larry Reynolds sat 12 feet from my desk during the eToys case (that Paul Traub helped steal for Romney/ Bain) – with the fact that Larry Reynolds laundered $12 Billion in Las Vegas, under investigation (but never arrested) by federal agencies – as Larry’s real name is Reservitz and he was in Witness Protection.


That, with the fact that Colm F Connolly (the former Delaware U.S. Attorney) who refused to investigate and/or prosecute Traub and Romney – just so happens to have been a partner of Romney’s other law firm (www.MNAT.com


Then it is easy to understand why Sheldon Adelson "believed" it was worthwhile to giver Mitt $100 million in pursuit of the "friendly" U.S. Attorney General.


Because there was clear & convincing evidence that Romney & his Racketeering Gang are professionals at federal corruption

See on blogs.wsj.com

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