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Goldman Sachs Is Above the Law and There’s Nothing We Can Do About It. – Democratic Underground

See on Scoop.itRacketeering Romney Goldman Sachs n Bain Capital eToys Fraud

Laser Haas‘s insight:

Goldman Sachs is suing Goldman Sachs via massive frauds on the court and perjuries by Goldman Sachs attorney’s who placed their own inside eToys and also made a law firm partner the U.S. Attorney over the case.


There’s nothing anyone can do about it….

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Goldman Sachs Is Above the Law and There’s Nothing We Can Do About It. – Democratic Underground

See on Scoop.itWall Street Fraud n Corruption

Laser Haas‘s insight:

Goldman Sachs is Suing Goldman Sachs; and there’s nothing anyone can do about it – cause the "FIX" is "IN"….

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The Chase and Bank of America Investigations: Real Action, or More of the Same? | Matt Taibbi | Rolling Stone

See on Scoop.itWall Street Fraud n Corruption

While welfare cheats fill our jails, the people accused of engineering much more serious kinds of fraud will almost certainly go free

Laser Haas‘s insight:

Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi endeavors to take on the issue of nolle prosequi (refusal to prosecute) of the DOJ’s readily apparent double standards.


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Rigging the I.P.O. Game

See on Scoop.itRacketeering Romney Goldman Sachs n Bain Capital eToys Fraud

What a decade-old dot-com I.P.O. case says about Wall Street today.

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Rigging the I.P.O. Game

See on Scoop.itWall Street Fraud n Corruption

What a decade-old dot-com I.P.O. case says about Wall Street today.

Laser Haas‘s insight:

Journalist Nocera missed the key fact that Goldman Sachs is suing Goldman Sachs in the NY Supreme Court case. Whereas MNAT, Goldman Sachs counsel in Delaware, did confess in 2005 (several years after this litigation began) – that MNAT lied in its affidavits, in order to become the eToys Debtor’s counsel. Then MNAT had picked a partner in crime (Paul Traub) to be the firm to prosecute Goldman Sachs in the NY Supreme Court.

This is why the entire case is Under SEAL!


UPDATE AUGUST 2013 – New York Supreme Court of Appeals Ruling eToys Imminent.



eToys went public in 1999 for $85 per share; but the company only received less than $20 per.  Goldman Sachs was the initial public offering (“I.P.O.”) agency who did a “Spinning” pump-n-dump fraud scheme of eToys shares. (See N.Y. Times March 2013 article “Rigging the I.P.O. Game“)



Bain Capital acquires Kay Bee Toys with Michael Glazer as CEO.

Also, Mitt Romney, owner/CEO of Bain Capital, owns Stage Stores that files bankruptcy in Southern Texas (In re Stage Stores 00-35078). Jack Bush and Michael Glazer are Directors at Stage Stores. Barry Gold is their director’s assistant who hires Paul Traub’s firm of Traub Bonacquist & Fox (“TBF”)

They get “caught” with Traub not disclosing his ties to Jack Bush & Barry Gold.



Bain Capital/ Kay Bee set out to acquire eToys.

MNAT lies about its connections to Bain & Goldman Sachs in order to become eToys Debtor’s counsel.

Traub’s TBF lies about his connections to Goldman Sachs/Bain Kay Bee Glazer Barry Gold and Wells Fargo, in order to become eToys Creditors counsel.

Laser Haas’s company (CLI) sells eToys to Bain /Kay Bee / Glazer / Romney for tens of millions.

MNAT, Traub’s TBF illegally sneak in Barry Gold to replace Laser/CLI and reduce the prices to Romney/ Glazer/ Bain/ Kay Bee while also Destroying eToys Books & Records to help Goldman Sachs.



MNAT and Barry Gold nominate partner in crime Paul Traub/TBF to prosecute Goldman Sachs.

NY Supreme Court case 601805/2002 – is placed Entirely Under SEAL to hide the evidences.



Laser finds Smoking Gun evidences that compel Traub, Barry Gold and MNAT to confess the parties lied under oath in eToys. Instead of removing the parties, when Laser points out that Glazer paid himself $18 million and Bain Capital $83 million, before filing bankruptcy of Kay Bee. And the fact that MNAT is representing Bain with Paul Traub being the one asking to prosecute Glazer and Bain.

The DOJ Deputy Director of Executive Office of United States Trustee’s (Lawrence Friedman) RESIGNS

Wall Street Journal reports on part of case and confessions July 25, 2005

eToys Investors Find Conflict at Law Firm



Laser finds out that MNAT partner (Colm Connolly) was arranged to be the Delaware United States Attorney on August 2, 2001.  This is the same month that Mitt Romney claims to have been “retroactively” retired from Bain Capital as CEO; back to 1999.

Colm Connolly’s Dept of Justice Resume points out that he was partner of MNAT law firm from 1999 to August 2001.

For his entire 7 years as lead federal prosecutor in Delaware, Colm Connolly’s office refused to investigate and or prosecute his former firm MNAT and/or their clients Goldman Sachs/ Bain Capital.



Dept of Justice Public Corruption Task Force is informed of federal corruption in eToys and the special unit is SHUT DOWN – with career federal prosecutors being threatened to keep their mouths shut.

See L.A. Times article “Shake-up roils federal prosecutors“.

—- Mitt Romney’s bid for President of the United States fails miserably

Tom Petters, Paul Traub’s partner, is raided by FBI and billions in assets seized.

Marc Dreier, another partner of Paul Traub is arrested and assets seized.



Marty Lackner, brother of Minnesota Assistant U.S. Attorney J. Lackner is not prosecuted for his partnership of the Petters Ponzi scheme.

Then Marty Lackner is found hung in his closet and left NO NOTE.

He was in his 40’s, had kids & wife – left NO NOTE

Files were never delivered to Laser



eToys shareholder Robert Alber has his life threatened by fraudster partner Johann Hamerski. Then Alber’s life time friend (Garry Ramsey) who is also co-owner of their Kingman, AZ house, simply vanishes into thin air when Johann Hamerski’s self professed partner (Jack Abramoff) is released early from Prison.

Alber has to shoot/kill career criminal Michael Sesseyoff at his Kingman, AZ home.



John “Jack” Wheeler is found dead of blunt force trauma – in a Wilmington, DE dump.



Mitt Romney lies upon Federal Campaign Finance Form OGE 278 and states that he had nothing to do with Bain Capital in any way after February 11, 1999.



January 2012 – Newt Gingrich releases film “King of Bain” that discusses the cases of Stage Stores and Bain Capital. It is a ‘Red Herring;’ that dodges the eToys case, is funded by Sheldon Adelson (who is backing Romney  with $100 million to get a “friendly” United States Attorney General)- and the film was produced by one of Mitt Romney’s former campaign advisors.

July 2012 – Minnesota Federal Receiver Doug Kelley says Paul Traub ‘controller” of Petters Ponzi.

September 2012 – NY Supreme Court re-opens eToys (ebc1) v Goldman Sachs case.

Sept. 2012 Rolling Stone cover story “Greed & Debt” A True Story About Mitt Romney and Bain Capital – by activist Matt Taibbi, also fails to address the Romney/ Bain eToys issues; but mentions fraud of the Stage Stores and Kay Bee cases.

October  24. 2012 – Laser files Romney Motion in eToys case and Court REFUSED to docket it

that is until November 6, 2012 (really!)

November 2012 story comes out “Meet the Man Battling Romney 12 Years“.



March 2013 – New York Times Article “Rigging the I.P.O. Game” on eToys case Goldman Sachs.

Three weeks later – Bain cancels I.P.O. of Toys R Us

NY Supreme Court announces that it heard eToys (ebc1) case on May 29, 2013




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