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There’s a buzz about a new “must read” –  by Wall Street insider Larry Doyle


The Conspiracy Chippling our Global Economy

The Conspiracy Crippling Our Global Economy


We here at Citizens against Bankruptcy Fraud, have been following Larry Doyle and his Sense on Cents common sense insight into the convoluted schemes of Wall Street and their ilk to fleece America and the world of its wealth for the sake of few.

How much money more than the next guy does any executive and/or company need. It is never as if they are doing it to create more employment opportunities. Usually it’s just the opposite; as less employees mean less payroll tax.

Insatiable quests of those seeking more wealth, more power, bigger glistening rocks on their rings & watches and/or more luxurious wood, expensive art. On and on, up and up the quests go; always at the expense of the many for the sake of a few.

One has to ask when is enough – Enough – already!

Larry Doyle often gives U.S.  here in America the cut to the chaff meat of the issues at hand. Doing so with a no-non-sense style all his own. I’m ordering IN BED with WALL STREET and anxiously desire to see what Larry Doyle details therein. Too bad our “Haas v Romney” federal Racketeering case isn’t already concluded; as I’m curious what Larry Doyle would say about the issues at hand.


Also See on Scoop.it – Racketeering Romney Goldman Sachs n Bain Capital eToys Fraud


Associated Press
In this Jan. 22, 2002 file photo, Tom Petters is shown in Eden Prairie, Minn.
Five years after Ponzi-scheme operator Tom Petters’s arrest, the recipients of his largesse are still paying for his crimes.

Laser Haas‘s insight:

Hey – AP

Getting your act together I see;

reporting on Romney’s 3rd degree of separation.

Romney = Traub in Stage Stores

Traub = Petters

N’est-ce pas!

See on blogs.wsj.com

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