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John Wheeler, Andrew Robert Levene, Delaware and Death

November 23, 2014 1 comment



More than one year after the death of Jack Wheeler, an article appears out of the blue, claiming an obscure connection between an ex-Army Ranger with a shady past and a prominent man who was found murdered in Delaware. For those of us still thinking about this case, the connection seems to be speculation, but given that the authorities remained tight-lipped about ANY details in this case, speculation is all that we have.

What are the odds that JohnJack” Wheeler and Andrew Robert “Andy” Levene – two men involved in recent bizarre murder cases with a Delaware connection – knew each other?

Well, in tiny Delaware, where residents joke that there’s only two degrees of separation among the 900,000 residents, there should never have been any doubt.

Wheeler was a former Pentagon official and New Castle resident who was found beaten to death in the Wilmington landfill on New…

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