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Concise statement of the criminality and DOJ efforts to cover up!

February 11, 2008 Leave a comment

Justice Dept  rogue personnel cover up $300 million in fraud and 40 acts of perjury!

The Law firms of TBF and MNAT have confessed to supplying the Delaware Federal Courts with more  false affidavits concerning non-disclosure of conflict issues! (Though they are coy about it being 40 acts).

The United States Attorney resource manual stipulates that US Trustees are appointed to police bankruptcy Courts under 28 U.S.C. § 581. They are obligated to report criminal offenses and assist prosecutions by 18 U.S.C. § 3057(a); 28 U.S.C. § 586(a)(3)(F). Such is a mandate, not discretionary.

Although the statute requires DOJ to police and prosecute mendacity, the Justice Dept personnel in Delaware are staunchly refusing to prosecute inner circle elite law firms and the US Attorney in Delaware has failed to disclose his connection to the MNAT law firm. While the courts are willfully blind.

This criminality is compounded by the fact that the US Trustee has reported in the Motion to Disgorge TBF $1.6 million, that the US Trustee office warned the parties against violating the non-disclosure and conflict of interest laws in the eToys bankruptcy case. This demonstrates the quest/intent to do immoral.

Despite the authoritative warning, TBF and MNAT conspired to place Barry Gold within eToys without disclosing that he was a paid associate of TBF.  MNAT and TBF drafted a clandestine Hiring Letter that rewarded Barry Gold if he choose not to seek the Court’s approval of his hiring.  At which time he became President and CEO of eToys.  This is willful, conspired, circumvention of the Court and Code.

At the same time MNAT, TBF and Barry Gold negotiated the Sale of eToys assets — for discounts in the tens of millions — to their regular client Bain, as Bain owned KB Toys this was collusion to defraud

Inexplicably the attorney for the new US Trustee voided the Disgorge Motion of TBF  by the Asst US Trustee giving implied, blanket immunity, while permitting TBF permission to circumvent the Law.

All Senators and Congressmen should be aghast as we complained to the EOUST in Washington DC, he resigned and the Asst US Trustee who drafted the Disgorge Motion resigned as well.

The list of crimes that the Stipulation seeks to cover up include:

Ø                  Perjury, as 40 separate false affidavits were “intentionally” supplied to the CourtØ                  Scheme to Fix Fee’s as TBF caused eToys to pay Barry Gold instead of TBFØ                  Collusion to defraud the Estate as MNAT, TBF & Gold sold eToys to their client BainØ                  Intimidation of Victim/Witness as TBF and others warn the whistle blower to “back off”Ø                  Obstruction of Justice as TBF, MNAT and Gold submitted a false document to defraudØ                  Willful circumvention of Code or Rule as MNAT, TBF and Gold signed the Hiring LetterØ                  Failure to declare $2 million in cash deposits by Exec VP of eToysØ                  Vote rigging of the Plan of eToys by non-disclosure of claims acquisition by insiders Ø                  Misprison of a Felony, as all law firms refused to report the malfeasance to the CourtsØ                  Breach of Fiduciary duties, as all firms are busy defending each other, at harm to clientsØ                  Racketeering as this involves several cases, several states, several years and many firms

As morose as the aforementioned acts are, the germane issue of great consequence is that the parties are so entrenched in their ability to corrupt the system. Key personnel of the Dept of Justice, the SEC and US Attorneys office have resigned rather than fight the inexplicable, power and influence.

The criminality remains overwhelmingly readily apparent and irrefutable as Court docket records. Even the Chairman of the Creditors Committee has supplied affidavits of the deceits. The amount of willful blindness and overt complicity by theDOJ in the refusal to prosecute has made the Justice Dept complicit in organized crime. The US Trustee is not only refusing to officially refer the matter for prosecution, the DOJ is utilizing Taxpayer dollars as an appellee, aligned with the fraudulent parities asking the courts to expunge[defraud] the whistle blower!  Mocking justice “ad hoc”! 

Senators, Congressmen, Counsels and US Government agencies should be aghast at the shere audacity and boldness of the Delaware Federal Court and Justice Dept personnel who would dare abuse the due process and assault our Constitution in such a flagrant manner mocking justice.  As the recent Circuit Court opinion stated that the Fed R App Proc do not apply to our case.  If the courts can throw out the Law openly, what is going on behind closed doors.

This remains an issue of national importance, we thank the entities of and for assisting the efforts to be concise and efforts to fax (daily) the issues to Congressmen , US Attorneys and persons of interest and accomplishment in efforts to halt the anarchy that seeks to devour our system of justice as its own personal vault to fleece America!

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———–Laser Steven Haas