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John Wheeler, Andrew Robert Levene, Delaware and Death



More than one year after the death of Jack Wheeler, an article appears out of the blue, claiming an obscure connection between an ex-Army Ranger with a shady past and a prominent man who was found murdered in Delaware. For those of us still thinking about this case, the connection seems to be speculation, but given that the authorities remained tight-lipped about ANY details in this case, speculation is all that we have.

What are the odds that JohnJack” Wheeler and Andrew Robert “Andy” Levene – two men involved in recent bizarre murder cases with a Delaware connection – knew each other?

Well, in tiny Delaware, where residents joke that there’s only two degrees of separation among the 900,000 residents, there should never have been any doubt.

Wheeler was a former Pentagon official and New Castle resident who was found beaten to death in the Wilmington landfill on New…

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  1. November 23, 2014 at 8:46 pm

    I find this item a little too convenient.

    Bad man, who does very bad things, is suggested as Wheeler’s killer;
    and then (purportedly) bad man kills himself.

    Do – doo – doo – dooo!

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